Pocket constructions

Single welt pocket Poppykettle
Invisible zipper pockets Kay
The Sewing lawyer
Lined pocket flap Kay
The Sewing lawyer
Welt pocket with tab Ann Rowley
Patch pocket Threads magazine
Louise Cutting
Single welt pocket
As used in Vogue 1015
Gorgeous Things
Welt pocket
Part 1
Part 2
Kathleen Fasanella
Fashion Incubator
Welt pocket
Technique describes making the opening first, then add the welts.
Gorgeous Things
Welt pockets
Part 1 (with flap)
Part 2
part 3 (with buttons as used in back of pants)

All in Spanish, but with a lot of clear pictures
Paco Peralta
Single welt pocket/Slashed pocket with welt Birgitte
Bubblegum 4 Breakfast
Single welt pocket (Spanish) Paco Peralta
Welt pocket in side front of jacket Summerset
Pins and Needles
welt pockets
(sew opening first, then add welts)
Pins and Needles
Pocket and zipper Ann Rowley
Vertical welt pocket (for pants) Beth
Welt pocket Beth
Pocket in a side seam (with or without topstitching) Sigrid
Sigrid's sewing projects
Pocket with piping
part 2
part 3
Terri's Thread Therapy Workshop
Perfect Pockets Pamela
Off the cuff style
Bellows pocket (as in BWOF June 2006 jacket) Kay Y
See Kay's reviews on Pattern Review
Welt pocket (double on pants) Adriana
The princess seam
Single welt pocket Kathleen Fasanella
Fashion incubator