No longer updated

In May 2011 I wrote a message in the sidebar that I wished there was more time in a day as I had not enough time to regularly update this site.

Since then I have hardly added to the list of tutorials and as time goes by, more links will become obsolete and more and more tutorials will be written that I have not seen or not the time to post here. There is so much info on the internet now.

Since starting this blog a few years ago it has become much easier as well to collect your own favorite links with Pinterest.

As much as I loved collecting these links and share them, now is the time to stop thinking that (one day) I will be adding links and update the site. It kept bothering me that I don't have time to do it.

I'm not (yet) taking the site down, but advise you to bookmark, pin or otherwise save the tutorials that you like. I will take this site down eventually and no maintenance is done from now on.

Thank you for your interest in this site, happy sewing!


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